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Your first purchase should be dark brown wingtips:5. Your dress shoes should not be square-toed nor should they look like what Aladdin might wear to a wedding, all curled up at the end and pointy. Most dress shirts for men have always been made such that they fit the same at the armpits as at the waist, straight down. The sub-rule here is to make sure that the main “background” color of your tie is always darker than your shirt.Find the middle ground between boxy and pointy and you’ll never go wrong. This usually leads to billowy, excess material that starts to poke out of men’s waistbands as their shirts ride up in the back and sides from moving around. Maybe you’re in middle school and you’ve yet to have that teenage growth spurt so you’ve got a bit of extra fat around the waist. Fitted dress shirts that feel comfortable may be a bit tough to find for you boys, but keep trying. You should always avoid dark- or bold-colored dress shirts, at least while you’re learning the ropes. Once again, squint your eyes as you hold the tie up to the shirt to double-check.

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I cringe every time I see a dude wearing a light brown belt with dark brown shoes or light tan khakis with slightly darker tan socks. This is such an easy rule to follow that it’s harder not to do it than to just get it done. Open the shades in your room during the day and hold them up to natural light to double-check. To be crystal clear, I’m not saying to make all four of these things the same color.

I’m saying match your shoes and your belt exactly then match your socks and pants exactly.4. They say the shoes make the man and I totally agree, most especially with dress shoes.

If you are, then you’re just going to have to find a trusted advisor in an older sibling or friend, preferably a female with at least a basic amount of social status. I don’t care if you saw American Psycho and think Christian Bale looked cool in them or if you recently read some blog post that “pleated pants are back!

Whether or not they’re culturally conditioned or biologically predisposed to this skill, women and girls in these social circles are often very good at eyeing winning color combinations. ” They look profoundly ugly and make a man’s crotch look unnecessarily weird.

Two important things before we begin: One, in case you haven’t been told this yet, males have a much higher chance of being partially or fully colorblind from birth, so this may make things difficult for some of you.

Being colorblind means you see colors differently than most people and sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between certain ones, like red and green. If you’re not sure you’re colorblind, go online and take a simple test that’ll take less than three minutes.Boys, there’s a secret to living a fulfilled life that I don’t think many adults ever get around to teaching you because very few of them understand it themselves.The basic idea is that if you want some peace of mind in your life you’ve got to stay grounded in something consistent.For most people this is their values, although most people who aren’t religious don’t take the time to reflect on what these are.Without this, they end up bouncing around like a pinball, falling in line with whatever seems cool with the people who are currently agreed upon as the popular ones.Even if these men are gay or come out later, they’re some of the manliest dudes you’ll come across. The idea here is that it actually looks worse to have two colors that are of slightly different shades in your outfit than two very different ones.

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