100 free dirty sex talk

You feel that you aren’t able to show your sexual being through sound, through mime, through your body’s movement and also not through your words?

If you are a quiet, introvert lover and you feel that there must be more to it, I tell you, there is a way of becoming more active: Learn to become a dirty talk master and overcome that stuckness.

Don’t focus too much on the words you use, focus on how you say it and on your intention. Some enjoy only the very soft-core vanilla like dirty talk. Maybe you are not wearing panties and you share your secret with him.

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There is a difference if you just say your fantasies in a normal tone out loud, of if you slow down, with presence, and use a mystical calmness with a confident intentional emphasis.

You may use your moans, groans, sighs, whispering, or in some cases, even screaming. As I said you have your unique sexual expression through words.

You not only turn your partner on, but yourself too.

Sexuality comes in so many diverse expressions, and being able to communicate your own unique expression can be tremendously fulfilling. Then keep reading – I ran my fingers hot to deliver to you the ultimate guide to conscious dirty talk during sex. Just because it’s more fun to do things with presence, in my opinion.

I used to be anxious about expressing my sexual being.

So I just stayed quiet; maybe the most I could get out of my throat was a little moan. Do you feel you aren’t confident enough to fully show your sexual expression?

But you just haven’t gotten to the point of spitting those thoughts and words out in a hands-on situation. For now be grateful for already having those thoughts.

Maybe you have a few fantasies but haven’t taken action on the dirty talk front yet?

“So to become a conscious dirty talk master you need to open your mind and question your properness.” Start by writing down new words and phrases and try them out by whispering (by yourself first).

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