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Bracing her hands on the cistern behind her head, Miley began to roll her hips in a circular motion, grinding against Emma’s unwilling face.

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“I wasn’t the one doing disgusting things in a public toilet with my slutty friend! ” With that Emily grabbed Emma’s arms and pushed her against the wall of the stall, as Miley locked the door behind them.

She walked up to Emma and gave her a long kiss on the lips, prising open Emma’s mouth and sticking her tongue in. “You two are repugnant”, she said, obviously repulsed by Miley’s kiss.

Still, Emma was oddly curious, and her longing for sex made her even more so, picking up her clutch bag, she shuffled as quietly as she could into the next stall down.

She pulled out a compact mirror from the bag and popped it open.

Emma struggled against Emily, and tried to turn her head away, but Miley soon prevented that by clamping her thighs around the actress’ head, crossing her legs around her shoulders and the back of her neck.

In this position there was barely enough space for Emma to breathe, let alone thrash her head about, her face was also pressed right into Miley’s pussy lips, and was making her moan excitedly.

It was being held in a lavish ballroom, and everywhere she looked there was someone that she recognised from TV or film. A few hours later, Emma was really enjoying herself.

She felt like she had talked to pretty much everyone here, loving hearing about what people were getting up to.

She was attending one of these “Hot under 25” functions for a famous celeb gossip magazine.

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