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I completely uninstalled the software and any remaining files, restarted my computer and tried to reinstall, with still the same exact issue.

Although CAM websites states the download is for 3.3.4, I download it and it comes up as 3.3.3 and asks me yet again to update with 0 success.

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He and Gary uncover a true survivor car that has been living in this garage for 30 years. Not an average car, not an average customer, not an average weekend. Peter has client come in looking to get rid of a good Jag, and mid restoration money pit in exchange for one of the new, muscular, 600 plus hp Shelby GT 500s.

The problem here is not the deal, but putting a new car guy in the seat of a high horsepower street weapon.

For 7 years Peter has been trying to buy a very original Ferrari 275 GTB 4cam from a guy in the Chicago area. Peter receives a call about an original Thunderbolt drag car that is sitting in the LMC showroom.

Having met with nothing but frustration so far, Peter is ecstatic when a phone call comes inviting him down to the owner's place. The caller claims he is too busy to come look at the car but asks if Pete can haul it down to a drag strip where he is running his nitro methane funny car on the upcoming race weekend.Follow Peter and his crew on Legendary Motorcar TY as they buy, sell and restore the finest classic, vintage, performance and muscle cars in the world.Learn about their technology and owner history as they give you tips to invest in this timeless piece of our history.Please note that we only give the 100% re-upload warranty to our vip members re-upload requests!I currently am trying to update CAM as I get an update notification every time I run it. shows an updating screen opens a window or two then closes CAM restarts, just to show another please update CAM to 3.3.4 version.Now, the wireless backup camera, which is this right here, this colored camera is built, has a heavy duty zinc metal which hold in case the 2.1 millimeter sharp lens.

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