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Lewis and Sir Arthur succeed in blowing up a Chinese ammunition dump.As foreign defenders conserve food and water while trying to save hungry children, hoping for reinforcements from other countries, the Empress continues plotting with the Boxers to break the siege with the aid of Chinese troops.

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Heston would work with Gardner again, in the 1974 Universal disaster film Earthquake.

55 Days at Peking was filmed in Technicolor and Technirama, which involved the horizontal use of 35-millimeter film, resulting in 70-millimeter printed film format.

The film depicts attitudes on race-relations, colonialism, and nationalism as they existed at the end of the 19th century, and it reflects the 1960s attitudes to these issues, rather than those of the period of the Boxer Rebellion.

The conflicts between Chinese, Japanese, and European nationalism are addressed.

When the Empress does not punish the assassination of the German ambassador in Peking and "suggests" foreigners leave, a violent siege of the foreign legations district of Peking erupts (lasting from June 20 to August 14, 1900).

Foreign embassies in Peking are gripped by terror as Boxers set about killing Christians in an anti-western nationalistic fever. Matt Lewis, USMC (Charlton Heston), an experienced China hand who knows local conditions well. Lewis and Baroness Natasha Ivanoff (Ava Gardner), a Russian aristocrat, who it is revealed had an affair with a Chinese General, causing her Russian husband to commit suicide.Most of the starring Chinese roles, including the Empress Dowager and her Prime Minister, are played by white performers.The Japanese in the foreign legation are played by Asian actors, but they have relatively minor roles.Japanese film director Juzo Itami, credited in the film as "Ichizo Itami", appears as Col. In the summer of 1900 starvation is widespread in China, affecting 100 million, while a thousand foreigners from various industrialized countries exploit their positions inside Peking's legations to seek control of the weakened country.The Boxers oppose Christianity and are agitating against the foreign powers.55 Days in Peking is a dramatization of the siege of the foreign legations' compounds in Peking (now known as Beijing) during the Boxer Rebellion, which took place from 1898 to 1900 in China. In addition to directing, Nicholas Ray plays the minor role as the head of the American diplomatic mission in China.

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