Adirondack dating

I know from the previous photo that this second photo has to be after 1905, but when?

Fortunately, there is one person with personal knowledge of the cabin’s earlier life.

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The photo is also missing a tool shed that Warren remembered being between the little red cabin and the lean-to.

Lastly, Warren commented that the cabin was far from brand new when his family lived there.

I hope to narrow the window in time by reviewing the historical newspapers and contemporary literature.

Maybe the proof is still out there to confirm the family history that the cabin was in fact built in 1910.

Each summer, a growing brood of Fitz Patrick cousins continues to inhabit the little, red one-room cabin at the point’s tip.

As a child I would fall asleep in the lean-to that sits just to the right of this cabin, being driven to sleep by the flames dancing in the stone fireplace and the hypnotic pulsing of the green and red lights which adorned the channel buoys in the Needles.Unfortunately, there appear to be no USGS surveys done between 19.So the cabin was built sometime after 1905 and before 1954.Couldn’t we narrow it down a little better than that?I went to talk with some older Raquette Lake residents to see what they knew of the cabin’s history.Family lore holds that the red cabin was the first thing to be built on the point.

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