Adult baby camp

"I learned that this is not a science, it’s an art." And sometimes, camps can turn mere aficionados into experts—or even working professionals.Just 90 days after graduating from Atlantic City’s World Poker Tournament Boot Camp in 2007, poker amateur Lee Childs used his training to make it to the finals of the World Series of Poker.

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Campers are divided into bands and appointed a rock-star counselor (think John Anderson from Yes or the Allman Brothers' Dicky Betts).

The pros work with their charges to write and ultimately perform a song.

See our list of the world’s quirkiest camps for adults.

"In recent years, the number of specialized camp opportunities for adults has grown significantly," says Peg L.

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In Gary Hofstetter’s case, the reward was living out a dream.

"You really live, breathe, and play the rock star," he says.

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The first night I slept on the bottom bunk the girl Kim slept on top when I awoke in the morning I could see a big wet spot on the bed above me.

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