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NAME became a gifted pharmaceutical scientist, but was captured by slavers.

HECAP was sold to a warlord and forced to create drugs to test on other slaves.

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These pronouns change in-game based on the gender of the character, so that all characters can use all backstories.

This might be a bit weird to read, but the data is easier to manipulate this way.

HE visits HIS tribe from time to time, but for the most part HE takes care of HIMself using HIS own survival skills.

After recovering from a joywire addiction, NAME adopted a non-violent way of life and vowed to help others.

NAME's thirst for adventure took her to many planets.

HECAP visited the brightest glitterworlds and the darkest war-torn toxic planets in HIS quest to find novelty. I wanted to update my post in the event someone else came across it.I am using to render my html from the json that is getting output via the Element API.NAME never much liked the tribal council or the yearly festivals.HECAP prefers the open plain and the lonely whistle of wind through the rocks.Traveling between communities, HE used medicine, arts, and crafts to aid others who struggled with their own addictions.

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