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Here, I’m working with Windows 8, but Virtual Box is compatible with older versions of Microsoft’s operating system, and there are also versions available for OS X and Linux.Once downloaded, run through the installation of the program — just accept all of the default options.Click the Storage link to the left hand side of the dialog and then towards the center click the Empty entry in the Storage Tree section.


This powerful virtualization utility can be used to install a second operating system alongside your primary one, and while this usually means running a second copy of Windows or trying out Ubuntu, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able install a mobile operating system as well.

Once you have the virtualization software up and running, you’ll need to get hold of a copy of Jelly Bean to install.

Well, how would you feel about the chance of installing and running Android on your PC?

Using a free copy of Virtual Box and the information in this guide, you can run a fully functioning – and legal – version of Jelly Bean on your computer.

Navigate to the ISO file you have downloaded, select it and click Open followed by OK.

Power up your virtual machine by clicking the Start button in the Virtual Box toolbar.

Head over to the Android-x86 website scroll down to the Android-x86-4.2-devel section and click the View link for the most up to date version (at time of writing this is 4.2 20130228).

Weighing in at just under 200MB, the download will take a moment to transfer.

Click Create when you’ve configured your settings — it might take a few minutes for the virtual disk to be created.

Make sure that you have your newly created virtual machine selected and then click the Settings button in the toolbar.

Once you have the ISO file on your hard drive, you’re ready to set about the task of installing it in Virtual Box.

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