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ae Dating now features such option with new IM based on flash technologies.

New IM add power to instant online communication by dividing each session in separate window and indicating user of new messages.

And this is not a surprise, ae Dating 3.1 now enables profiles fields and search options modification via admin panel.

First of all, now admin can make his own unique profile fields and search options.

This site has all grounds to provide entertaining and pleasant online time spending of matchmaking site powered by ae Dating.

Its based on aewebworks ( aedating ) 4.1 IQ The site is highly modded and i need a mod done so the internal IM for aedating has a notification.

4) Powerful Publishing Section AEwebworks' matchmaking script already included articles, feedback and news sections.

These features add important, vital and unique content to personals site.

In addition random quotes feature has been developed to ae Dating 3.1 that bring enlightening, wise, funny and just useful quotes to dating community.

All four categories of new features add powerful ability to easily via admin panel, not using ftp and code editors applications to develop unique dating website.

He can change types of fields, options of answer chooses, and their required status.

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