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Beeton's Book of Household Management and Isabella Rossellini, Italian actress. A boy or man named Owen is seen as someone who respects laws, but isn't afraid of having a little bit of fun (just look at the mischievous twinkle in the eyes).

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Mary, Emily and Hannah may sound old-fashioned, but they are viewed as "good" names.

Gertrude and Millicent may also be viewed positively, but they are also dated.

She is passionate and enjoys the finer things in life.

She may be a classical beauty or one who is more down-to-earth, but still beautiful. ), Sophia Crawford, stuntwoman, martial artist and actress, Sophia Adella Luke, actress, Sophia Lamar, American model, former Club Kid, transexuual nightlife celebrity, actress and model, Sophia Elisabet Brenner, Swedish women's rights activist, salon hostess, writer and poet, Sophia Parnok, Russian poet and translator, Sophia Montecarlo, formerly known as Swirty Mae Nibley, former contestant on movie franchise. Lilly Collins, British-American actress, Lily (one "l") Tomlin, American comedienne, actress, writer and producer, Lillian Gish, famous silent movies actress, Lily Donaldson, British model, Lily Evans Potter, Muggle-born witch, mother of Harry Potter, the "Boy Who Lived," sister of Petunia Evans Dursley, Lily Rabe, American actress, Lillian Mueller, Norwegian model, Lily Afshar, Iranian-American classical guitarist, Lillian Hellman, American dramatist and screenwriter blacklisted during the Committee on Un-American Activities during the Red Scare of the 40s and 50s, Lily Parr, English professional women's football player, Lily Pons, American operatic soprano and actress of the 1920s, Lily James, English actress, Lillian Moller Gilbreath, American psychologist, industrial engineer, Lily Mariye, American filmmaker and actress, Lily Elsie, English actress and singer of the Edwardian era, Lillian Roth, American singer and actress, Lily Luna Potter, daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter, of the Ryan? (Now, just looking at that open, friendly face, I'm thinking "nice" and good-looking.) Ryan sounds like the kind of boy who loves a few tricks, but is also really helpful.

On the other hand, kids with "nice" names may be little stinkers.

Yet, because they have names that are seen as nice, their misbehaviors may be overlooked.

Kiddos with "naughty" names may be near-perfect angels.

Yet, no matter how golden their behavior may be, they are perceived as naughty.

Naming babies is probably one of the most emotionally fraught efforts parents make as they prepare for the birth and homecoming of their precious bundles of joy. The same goes for other names—for several reasons, they carry negative connotations.

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