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There are two daily express bus services to and from Lisbon, although the town is best reached by car, which is also the easiest way to reach nearby CRATO, a village with a beautifully restored castle-monastery, now serving as a stylish pousada Marvão - White walled town reaching the sky Estremoz - A legendary miracle; a luxury pousada Monsaraz - A white town; a magical medieval atmosphere Evora - A museum-town; a Roman temple; prehistoric sites Vila Viçosa - Marble extravagance; a royal retreat Elvas - Impressive military fortifications; a monumental aqueduct Beja - A famous 17th century love affair; a lavish old convent Mértola - Islam meets Christianity Lisbon - The Age of Discovery, World Heritage monuments, museum treasures, vibrant nightlife Da história, herdou vastos e ricos patrimónios.Se, por um lado, a arquitectura civil soube ir sedimentando, casa sobre casa, século após século, um casario harmonioso e singular, por outro, a arquitectura militar, colocando pedra sobre pedra, defendeu os moradores e as sucessivas guarnições acasteladas através de sólidas e imponentes muralhas, baluartes e torres - hoje miradouros de paisagens que desafiam os próprios limites da visão humana.

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Monsaraz is a tiny fairytale walled village that maintains a delightful medieval atmosphere.

It was originally fortified by the Knights Templar, and today its 150 or so permanent residents live in ancient white houses with outdoor staircases and wrought-iron balconies. The main street, Rua Direita, lined with 16th and 17th century whitewashed houses, leads to the main square, where the parish church stands along with an unusual 18th century pillory topped by a sphere of the universe.

E Viva a Vida, com Alegria e Fantasia (Victor Nogueira) .....

Olá, Diga Bom Dia com Alegria, Boa Tarde, sem Alarde, Boa Noite, sem Açoite !

In a pretty little square below the Jewish Quarter is a covered Renaissance fountain with a pyramid roof supported by six marble columns, and a central urn carved with figures of boys.

The nearby spa allegedly cures a variety of disorders from diabetes to blood pressure problems.

The church interior contains gilded altars and painted pillars. It is worth climbing the granite castle's battlements for eagle's-eye views of the houses clustered within the village walls and for the magical landscape of the surrounding countryside.

Within the castle is an unusual arena where bullfights are held several times a year. Its white parish church, topped with conical decorations, was converted from a mosque in the 12th century, and still retains a strong Islamic feel in its horseshoe arches and mihrab (prayer niche) facing east to Mecca.

Down the hill is the newer part of town, dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, with wider, less steep streets.

The elegant main square, Praça Dom Pedro V, is surrounded by Baroque buildings, churches, and the Town Hall.

Above the church looms the town's ruined 13th century castle, with bird's-eye views of the entire town and river, and maybe even of the rare black stork or the lesser kestrel, a splendid falcon that is near extinction. The "Islamic Festival" that takes place every two years in May recreates the Islamic period of the town with music, exhibitions, and a street market.

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