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For a more budget friendly option, try this Knightsbridge Stylist Tour.

Explore the swankiest corners of the city with a window shopping trip to some of London's most luxe shopping centres and streets.

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Treat yourself to a night at the theatre to see a favourite celebrity on stage or to enjoy the intimate staging at one of London's smaller but still stellar fringe venues.

Avoid paying an arm and a leg for tickets with these handy tips.

So why not spend an afternoon hogging the armrests while you see the sequel to your favourite guilty pleasure film with no judgement?

London is as full of great theatres as it is of great cinemas.

Have a leisurely solo day by exploring London's parks on foot or by bicycle.

You can hire a London bike across the city for as low as £2, and you never know what gems you'll uncover simply by wandering deep into the centre of Hyde or Victoria Park.

You can do anything from learning Beyonce's moves to training to be an amateur circus performer. Find any number of lectures and creative workshops at central London's School of Life, which focusses on cultivating emotional intelligence in attendees.

The venue brings speakers on relationships, culture, work, stress, and more. Going the the cinema alone is one of the cosiest and most delightful things a person can do, and London has a load of lovely independent and mainstream venues to choose from.

The guides of the Muggle Tour really know their stuff if you're keen to be led through Harry Potter's London.

Also check out this immersive street tour of London's East End, or the hilarious Bullshit London Tour. Head out to a cosy spot to sink into the pages of your favourite read for a relaxing day in the city.

Particularly special are Argentinian chef Martin Milesi's UNA supper club, hosted inside the clock tower of St Pancras, or this opportunity to take your meal in an old Tube carriage.

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