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Once you login to Facebook, you can check a short run-down of various features that you can switch “On” and “Off”.You can also sync your Facebook events to the calendars in your phone.Have had this issue with every Android Phone I have ever had. How can I get Facebook Contacts to sync with my Contacts on my Droid Turbo 2? I have gone into settings and then Accounts, made sure to sync Facebook and Google. There are some apps out there you can try using, that I have heard work.

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It takes a bit for my FB contacts to load up again on my phone, but once they load, they have been automatically linking to their corresponding contacts in my contacts list (the default Contact List that comes with the original HTC One Android OS). Originally Posted by fuglynutlock I mean, I now have fb sync option in my phone book menu, but the list is empty if I try to link a fb contact with a phone book contact.

I do not display my FB contacts with "All People" but the pictures from their FB profiles are starting to all flood in once again! Now I just have to keep my phone from updating to the latest version of FB for Android, or else I will run back into the same issue. Maybe I can find another Contacts App that can handle this. I still have no contact sync option in my Facebook. HTC told me to contact Facebook directly, which I just did...

However, you can merge all those contacts or can delete those manually. To merge the duplicate contacts, you need to go to the contact page and tap on “Edit” icon at the top right hand side. If the above-mentioned steps are not helping to sync Facebook contacts with i Phone, you can try using different applications for the same.

There are many applications in the market that can help in syncing Facebook contacts with i Phone.

Step 4: Wondering whether your contacts get automatically updated as your contacts update their information?

When you gain new Facebook friends or your friends update their contact information, you will not get the updates automatically in your contact list.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the latest Facebook app.

Do you need the contacts of all the friends on Facebook?

Side Note: I called HTC regarding this issue, and the lady I spoke with said that HTC IS aware of the problem, HOWEVER, it is a Facebook problem, not a HTC problem, and all we can supposedly do is wait for FB to fix it. FB sucks, but I like having the pictures with the names, so until they get their heads out their asses, this is the best solution. EDIT: Before posting this reply I checked my phone because I was going to give my HTC One M8 info and Android OS info, but as I looked, Facebook must have already automatically upgraded to the newest version, putting right back in the same place... Apparently they know about it, but it is an issue directly with Facebook's app.

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