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Nineteen-year-old Richard Thompson, of Flat Rock, told police that when he was signaled by 20-year-old Rikky Ranger and 19-year-old Mark Paling, he got David Maurer in a chokehold while the two other men went through the Lurie Terrace apartment and stole a gun, computer, cash and credit cards, according to transcripts of a Dec.

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Investigators ultimately tracked the three down via the credit card transactions.

Paling lived in Melvindale, a block away from one of the gas stations where one of the cards was used.

The manager of the apartment complex told police nothing suspicious had been going on. Police reviewed the tape and determined Maurer left the complex at p.m. some type of electronic notebook.” QUICK INVESTIGATION At this point, Ann Arbor police detectives began earnestly investigating the case. Robert Pfannes was not available for comment Wednesday, but he told The Ann Arbor News Tuesday that once it became clear what type of situation investigators were dealing with, “it was over rather quickly.” Detectives scoured Maurer’s bank records and determined there was account activity on Nov. There was also a charge at a Meijer in Allen Park for $189, according to documents.

SECURITY VIDEO Ten days later, the same manager was still reviewing video of the complex’s front door. 11 when she noticed a video of Maurer coming into the complex with three unknown men who appeared to be in their 20s at 9 p.m. Detectives acquired still photos of that transaction from Meijer security cameras.

Tim Greimel of Auburn Hills, and Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith."I haven't made an official announcement yet, but we need someone in the attorney general's office who will fight for everyday people," Greimel said. attorney's job in the western district, left the job when Donald Trump was inaugurated president.

Miles said to "stay tuned" for news about his future plans and the race for attorney general."As the former U. Attorney for the Western District, I know how critical it is for the people of Michigan to have an attorney general who will fight for everyone," he said in a statement. The nominees for attorney general, secretary of state and lieutenant governor will be chosen by political party delegates at state conventions next August. Tonya Schuitmaker of Lawton and Speaker of the House Tom Leonard of De Witt are the names most often mentioned as potential candidates for attorney general.

At that hearing, Ann Arbor police Detective William Stanford appeared before Magistrate Mark Nelson and detailed the case against the three men. The three suspects, who identified themselves as homeless to Stanford, used Maurer’s credit cards and cash in the ensuing days for necessities.

Nelson ultimately signed the complaints and warrants, and the three were arraigned on murder charges that same day, nearly a month after Maurer was killed Nov. “They used the money for hotel rooms, gasoline and food,” Stanford said.

She also started a ballot committee last year to expand Michigan's Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protections for the LGBTQ community, but the issue didn't end up on the 2016 ballot.

Other candidates to file paperwork for statewide office so far include Republicans state Sen.

The door was locked, which means the staff had to use a key to get in, according to the documents.

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