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In the fifth season's "Edith Wharton Estate" case, the team introduced two new pieces of equipment.

One is a custom-made geophone, which detects vibrations and flashes a series of LEDs that measure the intensity of the vibration.

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Britt and the phantom career " data-medium-file=" w=238" data-large-file=" w=120 120w" sizes="(max-width: 238px) 100vw, 238px" / As many of you know, I had some trouble with Britt Griffith’s comments in a recent radio interview. Britt was to leave GH for a spot on the all but defunct Ghost Hunters International.

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A few days after reviewing the information, Hawes and Wilson discuss their findings with the location site owners, offer suggestions for dealing with any apparent activity, and answer any questions the owners may have.

The TAPS members state that they do not believe that every phenomenon captured is evidence of the paranormal and sometimes provide reasonable explanations such as cold spots which may be drafty windows, strange noises that may be a thumping branch or vermin in the walls, moving objects which may have been accidentally bumped or tugged, or phantom lights which can be reflections of light from a passing vehicle.

During investigations, the TAPS ghost hunters team use various equipment, including digital thermometers, EMF meters, thermographic and night vision cameras, handheld and static digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, and laptop computers.

The team has also experimented, in at least one episode, with a geiger counter during their investigation to see if it would register any anomalous readings.With all the recent suicides of kids having issues dealing with being gay and my personal experience dealing with a teenage family member going through this issue just a couple years ago i thinks its appropriate to mention this project that was brought to my attention by Kate Mullaly, it is a free resource for kids having suicidal thoughts over the issue of being gay.Please if you are thinking of ending it all, don’t, give the Trevor Project a call first, thay can help.I have learned that Britt has been fired for those comments. I guess the burning question would be what will happen to GHI?Ghost Hunter Academy has been cancelled ( although not officially ) and now GHI finds itself almost without a cast.) skin, so i am guessing that if he was upset there are others that heard it that are also upset.

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