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She’s salt of the earth, I love her.” It would seem that Hall is content staying behind-the-scenes, sharing her writing talents when she’s feeling creative.Were she to release a full-length under her own name, her decades of musical experience would probably translate pretty well.At the time of the separation, the band had ,344 of assets and liabilities of ,042, which the then-new duo paid off themselves, not asking for Hall’s financial support in doing so.

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Besides Sugarland’s almost unprecedented success out of the gate, this statement ended up being peculiar for another reason: Hall never really released any more music.

In 2008, she released a six-song EP, Cub, but has stayed quiet other than that. Given the strange circumstances behind Hall’s exit, it was only a matter of time until newfound drama arose.

Hall ended up suing Bush and Nettles in 2008 for $1.5 million, claiming that she was owed back payments in the form of her one-third share of the band.

“They know this was a partnership,” said Barry O’Neil, Hall’s lawyer. Hall will be fairly compensated for all the work she did on behalf of getting Sugarland off the ground.” Sugarland’s attorney called the suit “nothing more than quitter’s remorse,” and Nettles’ statements were even harsher.

Born in Douglas, Georgia, on September 12, 1974, Jennifer Nettles performed with Soul Miner's Daughter and The Jennifer Nettles Band before forming Sugarland in 2003, with Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush.

Nettles and Bush went on to considerable success, winning the 2009 Grammy Award for best country song and the Vocal Duo of the Year award from the Academy of Country Music.The premise of Hall’s suit was that the band had agreed to split profits with her after she left but had not done so.Despite her initial inputs — like re-recording “Baby Girl”, which stands out as one of Sugarland’s biggest hits to date — Bush and Nettles claimed that Hall might owe money.Kristian Bush Opens Up on Joyous Solo Album Born of Tragedy Sugarland guitarist survived a deadly stage collapse, divorce and band shakeup all in a matter of months, yet somehow managed to make his 'Southern Gravity' album almost entirely upbeat Known for such country-radio hits as "Baby Girl," "Stay" and "All I Want to Do," Sugarland's last album was 2010's The Incredible Machine.Following a massive tour, the group splintered, with both Nettles and Bush going on to release solo projects.(who’s still in the band) created Sugarland, later adding Nettles as a lead singer.

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