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But for some reason, the digital age tempts us to say things we would never have the opportunity to say otherwise, like in this recent Facebook comment and discussion.

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Sadly, the beauty of flirtatious play in marriage contrasts the ugliness of selfish flirting among those who are not sexually available.

The flirtations of a married man with a woman not his wife is contrary to his covenant promise, and his flirtation is destructive.

Its potency is found in how subtly we communicate availability and interest.

This force has been in play at least since Isaac and Rebekah were caught “laughing” together (Genesis 26:8), a type of “laughing” that was of course far beyond simple spicy talk (ahem). If we rewind all the way back to the beginning of time, perhaps the first human interaction began with an awkward silence, a head-to-toe curiosity of the other, and then a flirtatious moment between Adam and Eve?

It makes signals where intentions do not (or should not) follow.

It can also become manipulative, a vain giving of temporary attention in order to lead another along a forbidden path into sexual sin.

It would be disingenuous to flirt with two people at the same time.

And because of its power to lock on to one other person, it naturally finds a home in the magic of early attraction between singles, leading to a dating relationship, which carries at least some potential for a marriage covenant.

Flirting is not to be confused with sexual consent or sexual immediacy; it’s merely a sign of sexual availability (as in: single and looking).

And the act of flirting can be as simple as a comment or facial expression to signal your attraction to a member of the opposite sex.

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