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Adults with AS may appear painfully shy or they may be extremely outgoing, sometimes to the point of being "in your face." That's because people with AS often misinterpret social interaction. " Will my behavior be interpreted as friendly interest or stalking?Questions they may ask themselves might include: How far away do I stand from another person? If these are the types of questions that puzzle you on a regular basis, you may already have considered the possibility that you have AS.They may be extremely passionate about just one or two topics, with little patience for small talk.

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Since it was created, his Go Fund Me page has raised $4,280, more than the amount required to send him Down Under.

The remaining funds will pay for his travel to two more conferences.

It would manifest itself in "magic rituals", which the doctor described as a state in which someone believes if they think something, it will happen – leading them, for instance, to avoiding stepping on cracks in the footpath.

The doctor also said Tostee had one key ability: his drawing and artistic skills.reported another doctor had seen Tostee between 20 and described his patient as having above-average intellect, but behavioural problems and abstract communication, pointing to Asperger's.

After her fatal fall – the sound of which he recorded on his cellphone – he went out into Surfers Paradise in the early hours of the morning, walked around and ordered pizza, all without ringing either police or the ambulance service.

READ MORE: * Gable Tostee: Why did the jury take so long to reach a verdict?

He was cleared by a jury at Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday of the murder and manslaughter of Lower Hutt tourist Warriena Wright, who fell to her death from his 14th-floor balcony in Surfers Paradise in August 2014.

He had locked her out on the balcony after the pair – who had had sex and been drinking heavily – quarrelled and she threw things at him.

Since first meeting with representatives from Autism NI (Northern Ireland) during a solo trip to Europe last winter, Zaborny has taken on the role of autism advocate, traveling the United States and abroad to share his experiences as a college student with Asperger's."My goal is to help inform the world about the opportunities available for students on the autism spectrum after they graduate from high school and to let people know that there is hope as the transition into adulthood takes place," he says.

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