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At that time the Burghers had not begun, as in the security of their prosperous days, to people the surrounding hills with vi Uas, where peaceful husband- MEDIEVAL VINCIGLIATA. But between the mother city — the Etruscan and Eoman Fiesole — on the hill, and the daughter, Florence, growing to beaut}^ in the field of Flowers in the plain, there were the strong- holds of a few nobles, guarding the heights around the new city.One of these fortresses was Vincigliata, which stands high on a rocky eminence to the East of Fiesole, its towers and battlements outlined against a darker hill behind it, whose summit shows another square massive castle, standing boldly out against the blue sky.Temple-Leader who has so well illustrated medieval times, in his restora- tion of Vincigliata.

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They must have been guilty of e MEDIEVAL VINCIGLIATA.

greater crimes than this however, for in 1348, the Commune decreed the utter destruction of Castel di Poggio.

In Italian, the ground lias been well occupied before me, and I can only acknowledge myself greatly indebted to the researches and interesting works of Signor Giuseppe Marcotti, Signor Giovanni Baroni, and Signor Guido Carocci, as well as to the late lamented Baron Alfred de Eeu- mont's charming articles on « Maiano, Vin- cigliata and Settignano » in the Allgemeine Zeitung (Aug. IX possessors, I have been led into following out that of the villas and town houses whicli toolv its place, as the homes of those possessors, in later eras. The outer Ballium 36 The Quadrangle of the keep 42 The Chapel 70 The Guard-Room 75 The Council-Chamber 83 The Reception-Room 90 The Bed-Chamber 102 The Refectory 106 The Ante-Room 112 The Kitchen 114 The Breakfast-Room 119 I«* Gallery 123 The Study 125 The Ground Floor 135 The Cloister 136 The Church 142 The Swimming Bath 150 " II Libro d' oro " 158 XII CONTENTS. The Fattoria Page 183 The Church of San Martino 207 The Nuns' Garden 215 The Villa Temple-Leader 218 Villa Catanzaro 229 La Fornace 232 Careggi 234 Villa Pergolata 239 Mezzana idem Fiesolan Vineyards 241 Podere di Sbolgi, i Mazzi idem Podere di Santini, or the Lastrone 245 Bon Riposo 247 IN THE PIAZZA PITTI 251 appp:ndix.

1875), and an able account of Vincigliata by the late deeply lamented Lord Lamington, publislied in Blackwood's Magazine for Nov. In doing this I have had no occasion to leave tlie ground belonging to the restorer of the Castle, for his villas are quite as typical of Italian country life, and his town houses of urban customs as his fortress is of feudal times. Vincigliata Castle, a " Quattrocento " Legend from the Ita- lian of Cav.

The sons of the Del Manzecca were such mauvais sujets that the roads near the Castel di Poggio were not safe for peaceful travellers.

Nor was brigandage their only failing, for history even relates that in 1348 Manzecca di Francese del Manzecca and his friend Lorenzo An- ghinetti were summoned to trial before the Esecutore for the crime of having eaten meat in Lent in the Castle of the hill!

The precise reasons for this are not appa- rent, as in that year while the plague ravaged Florence the deliberations of the Signoria were insufficiently chronicled — it was probabl}^ a step necessary to public security, the Castle being little better than a strong- hold of robbers.

There exists, as proof of its destruc- tion, a note of the payment by the Commune, in July and August 1348, of 86 gold florins to Justo Bartoli, Francisco Berti, and Niccoleno Pagni (the Magistrates who caused Castel di Poggio to be destroyed), for the pay and food of the workmen employed.

This age, so well marked in Italian cities by the older buildings, has in the country little to show but a few old chronicles, a multitude of broken stones, and some village jealousies.

It is therefore a work of equal utility to the historian, the archaeologist and the student, to shew the characteristic medieval Castle restored in its entire form, and this useful boon has been given to his century by J.

7 and another deed drawn up on March 28*^ 1069 by Ser Alberto notary, proves that they belonged to the important family Visdomini.

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