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He has also represented rapper Beanie Sigel and hip-hop star Cassidy.

Sigel was acquitted of attempted murder in 2005 and Cassidy was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after originally being charged with murder, and was released from prison in 2006 after serving 15 months.

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but I don't believe that was successful.'Di Nardo said he did so because he felt threatened or cheated when he tried to sell them marijuana, a source close to the investigation has said.

He also told police where to find the rest of the bodies.

District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said in a press conference Di Nardo confessed to putting the bodies in a metal tank converted into a cooker he called a 'pig roaster'.

He took a deal to reveal where the bodies were buried to avoid the death penalty.

He would also include handguns in these transactions.'Every death was related to a purported drug transaction, and at the end of each one there’s a killing,' the source said.

The Associated Press reported that the four men were killed after three separate transactions.

According to CBS News, his parents received a letter saying if he showed up to the campus again he would be trespassing.

Police sources said Di Nardo was known to sell as much as a quarter pound of pot for several thousand dollars.

They dug a 12.5 foot grave with the same backhoe the next day and placed the bodies and the container inside.

Weintraub said Di Nardo confessed to dousing the bodies inside the pig roaster with gasoline. He said at the press conference: 'There was an attempt to burn the bodies..

He offered to sell Jimi Taro Patrick a shotgun and four pounds of marijuana for ,000, but when he went to pick him up on July 5, he only had 0.

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