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(Public and festive events) National Anthem: Kong Christian stod ved højen mast. This large over ten tons heavy stone has an inscription that praises himself as King Harald .(Royal and official occasions) Population: 5,6 million. On the same 2.5 metre high runic stone is also carved the oldest illustration of Christ - ever discovered or known in the Nordic countries.The original ship was found at Roskilde Fjord in 1962 and now exhibited at the Viking Ship Museum. The Royal Family and Monarchy The Danish Royal Family and Monarchy is a very popular institution in Denmark - and is highly respected and supported by nearly all the Danes.

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Aarhus - Odense - Aalborg and Esbjerg The other major cities in Denmark is Aarhus (Jutland) with nearly 260,000 inhabitants - and best recognized for its cultural engagement and university - then Odense (Funen) - the birth town of famous Hans Christian Andersen - with nearly 180,000 citizens.

After Odense comes Aalborg (Jutland) - famous for producing the Danish firewater called “Snaps” and with a population of 110,000 - and finally Esbjerg (Jutland) known for its off-shore activities - and former large fishing industry with over 80.000 living in the city.

(København) - (Hafnia) (Largest Capital in Scandinavia) Currency: Danish Kroner. At that time Vejle Fjord and lakes went right up to Jelling - that allowed ships to enter the city by sea - and where trading activities flourished together with an increasing numbers of active citizens - enterprising merchants - diligent peasants and tough Viking Worriers.

Government type: Parliamentary Democracy - Constitutional Monarchy. The Jelling Settlement was the official capital of Denmark and the centre of all Royal influence and political power.

Presentation of Denmark This presentation of Denmark is designed and produced as one long page - and in a chronological order - which the editorial team find is the best way to portray the Danish Nation - and also the most convenient method to learn about Denmark step by step in this brief profile that describes the Danish history - culture - heritage - every day life and the ambitious and freedom loving Danes behind it all. The remains of King Gorm are laid to rest under the floor of Jelling Church.

First we present a map of the country - then the birth of the Danish Kingdom - the capital and bigger cities - the Viking Era - The Danish Monarchy - paving the way to democracy - religion and Christian culture - the Danish democracy - the flag "Dannebrog" - the history and landscape - Denmark and Scandinavia - - Denmark at a glance - the Danish food culture - the Danish model - the Danish export companies - assistance and founding to the Third World - relationship to NATO - EU and the Danish Troops abroad - the Danes - the unofficial National anthem - the Danish emigrants and finally a picture gallery from all around Denmark called -The Cultural Heritage and the Danes This is also a brief summery of the Danish Cultural Heritage and Christening of the Danes that reaches more than thousands years back in time - to the Protestant Reformation in 1536 - and until the Democratic Constitution was finally signed in June 1849 - as well as great credit to all the freedom loving Danes that have contributed to build up the Danish Kingdom - Danish Nation and Danish Welfare Society through countless generations - and over numerous centuries. Jelling is a small city located on the Jutland peninsula.

The Danish reigning monarch is the head of the Danish Stately Evangelical Lutheran Church - “The Peoples Church” - "Folkekirken".

The Danish Capital and other Major Cities Copenhagen - (København) Copenhagen is the Danish capital - and Scandinavian’s largest city - situated on the east coast of Sealand (Zealand).

The Maroon Danish Passport - with a Christian Symbol To symbolise that Denmark is a Christian nation - and the oldest Christian Kingdom in the world - as Christianity also is a part of Denmark's cultural history - then inside all Danish Passports is a fine decorated illustration printed of Christ - which derives from the big Runic Stone and National Symbol erected by legendary King “Harald Bluetooth” - who is known by all Danes - as the Danish King that Christianised the Danes - and who painstakingly had his craftsmen to carve the image of crucified Jesus Christ on the Cross with a glory - and decorated the figure of Christ with runic curved riggings and filaments plus a motif of a dragon. - is recognised as a National Symbol and Historical Monument - as well as the Danish Kingdom's Birth Certificate - indicating that Christianity had come to Denmark for over thousand years ago.

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