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Stealing influence from pulp horror and comics, and with a playful story structure, it's one of the most exciting new shows of the past five years. Watch True Detective now on Amazon Prime Video 24 is one of the most ridiculous television shows ever made. The adventures of Jack Bauer – surely the world’s unluckiest man – unfold in real time, each episode filling in the corresponding hour of his day. Kiefer Sutherland’s career was revitalised and who didn’t love Mary Lynn Rajskub’s a-dork-able tech-whizz Chloe?

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It’s a global phenomenon now, but at home in the UK it’s something greater: a national treasure.

Watch Doctor Who now on Amazon Prime Video A young woman is murdered and the investigation has consequences for everyone it touches.

Over eight blood-splattered seasons Dexter thrilled us with its unique take on the serial killer story.

Dexter himself plays both villain and hero, killer and cop, and the tensions between these roles is where the show truly shines.

Featuring the lives of the characters, the twists, the encounters, the experiences and much more is there that you shouldn’t miss.

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The most pirated Show which holds Guinness book of world records for “Most Emmy Awards Won by a Tv Series”.

This American fantasy drama television series is basically a series of fantasy novels.

Then, you must opt to start watching these the top 10 best adult TV series of all time, but make sure you don’t watch them with your parents.

These most explicit and sexuality Hollywood tv shows are enriched with sexual violence and other relatable facts of the society and culture.

One of the most intense shows on this list, but also one of the sweetest, it keeps you on your toes as much as it does Piper.

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