Bipartisan dating

“Humor goes a long way when you don’t always agree with someone.” For Amy, good looks also do the trick. The deal worked out by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democratic Senator Patty Murray would meet some Democratic objectives, including reviving the subsidies for Obamacare and restoring 6 million in funding for a federal program that helps people enroll in insurance plans.

“If there was a really bad debate performance by President Bush, for example, I would be in a funk, and she’d have to lift me up out of it, which she always did,” he said.

“If there was some bad news on the Clinton campaign trail, she’d be in a little bit of a funk, and I’d have to lift her up out of it.

But he has been frustrated with their failure to pass legislation to repeal and replace it.

Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, extended health insurance coverage to 20 million Americans.

When they met in 1992, they were technically sworn enemies: Stuart, a Desert Storm veteran, was working for the George H. Bush re-election campaign; Gwen was working for Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen and would soon move to the DNC. “We definitely kept a firewall between what our activities from 9 to 5 were,” he said.

But they bonded over a shared affection for their home state of Texas, travel, and food.

It was always the people first and the politics second.”On election night in 1992, a crestfallen Stuart convinced Gwen not to go to Little Rock for President-Elect Clinton’s victory party; instead, he proposed at the Ritz-Carlton on Embassy Row.

(This year, Gwen is supporting Hillary, and Stuart, due to the nature of his job at a nonpartisan organization, declined to share his candidate.)The Morrells and Hollidays could serve as models of bipartisan cooperation for today’s caustic couples (and, for that matter, Washington at large).

senators on Tuesday reached a bipartisan agreement to shore up Obamacare for two years by reviving federal subsidies for health insurers that President Donald Trump planned to scrap, and the president indicated his support for the plan.

In exchange, Republicans would get more flexibility for states to offer a wider variety of health insurance plans while maintaining the requirement that sick and healthy people be charged the same rates for coverage.

Frank, a former Jeb Bush supporter who is now undecided, has brought up Benghazi over breakfast. ”In the midst of the most contentious election cycle in recent memory, interparty Democratic-Republican couples who once agreed to disagree have become seriously strange bedfellows.

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