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Highland Beach, a town on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Md., was founded in the summer of 1893 by Charles Douglass — Frederick Douglass’s son — and his wife, Laura, after they had been turned away from a restaurant at the nearby Bay Ridge resort because of their race.

Sag Harbor Hills and the neighboring districts of Ninevah Beach and Azurest are unique among beach communities in the Hamptons, the collection of affluent towns on the eastern end of New York’s Long Island long known for attracting wealthy summer residents.

Hoberman argues that the growing perception of Blacks as physically superior to Whites has also reinforced the racist idea that Blacks are mentally inferior to Whites.

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They rank as the oldest African American developments in the Hamptons and are among a handful of beach communities in the United States with African American roots.

[Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s childhood summer home in East Hampton, N.

Additionally, they say that African Americans are certainly no more obsessed than either minority groups or the working classes in foreign countries. Novelist Walter Mosely and social critic Stanley Crouch dropped by and attended the symposium as audience members.

Enlisting Black scholars to speak out on the book, NYU’s Africans Studies Program and Department of History sponsored the symposium “Sport Matters: Black Intellectuals Respond to and Transcend Darwin’s Athletes.” Symposium organizer Dr. Sonja Steptoe, national correspondent for the CNN/Sports Illustrated cable television network, opened the symposium as its keynote speaker.

The third part of the book examines the idea of Black athletic superiority originating in racist folklore about Blacks.

It also discusses biomedical evidence of race in athletic competition.

He writes that if “there is one interest group that might have been expected to resist Black America’s profound attachment to athletic achievement, it is African American intellectuals, both inside and outside universities.

Yet the Black male intellectual that has denounced almost every other form of cultural entrapment has never mounted a campaign against the sports fixation.” Hoberman believes that African American intellectuals have failed the Black community by not addressing the harmful aspects of sport and not living up to their responsibility as intellectuals.

Although Hoberman professes disregard for the idea that genetics can explain Black achievement in sports, his discussion of the issue has led some Black scholars to question his sincerity.

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