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No storage shelves or boxes, no dusting, no worries of loss or theft. If I buy 20-30 dvds at a flea market, I bring them home and rip the contents to electronic format then either resell them, toss them or give them away. The only thing I don't have is NEWS coverage and if I want that I want it live so I just direct my browser to one of the hundreds of live station websites.

I've found that I am more calm and content NOT watching live TV NEWS and commercials. ​ Not only can I play all these movies at the same time (sound muted), I can play any of my music in the background.

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I have a few movies converted and a big stack to go thru from my last Flea Market visits. Films that I convert from temp files are streams captured from my browser only. There are just too many 'really bad' movies out there.

There are not many 'found footage' films I can stand.

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Next time I update my notepad I will update this list.

One could say I am researching the entire film industry, lol I got rid of all my ...'Hard Copies' of music, movies and books.

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