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Episode 7 ended on a high, happy note, we have a terrific arch-villain introduced in episode 6, and the story promise—from what’s happened in the past—is that everyone is at risk.

I’m optimistic because the mystery storylines have consistently been strong, but because they screwed up the first real kiss and the first ‘I love you’, I’m not confident that they won’t screw up the love story.

And every time she calls Sweets “Lancelot,” I want to slap her.

@ Donna -- maybe we are twins, separated at birth ...

though remember I told you you remind me of my friend Toni Mc Gee Causey? I think the show can redeem itself, it's done a lot to do so in season 7, but I agree with redline that season 6, as a whole, was weak and I hated the episode where they had the "past" explained.

That she should plunge ahead in situations where she doesn't know what's what seems anathema. The way it was set up, it sounds like they slept together that night and then kept having a secret affair until she told him she was pregnant. I would have liked to see a season spent on them trying to decide whether they want to get together.

Like I said, they could have had a first date, a sneaking around so no one saw them together, a conflict at work because Booth gets too protective now they're together, etc.

This is why I really respect Castle's creator, Andrew Marlowe, who has said straight out that he doesn't believe in the Moonlighting curse and that the show had been going downhill anyway. By the time the fans were cheated out of first real kisses and "I love you's," I mostly just felt bad for the fans who had been waiting for so long to see B/B get together.

He plans to keep Castle and Beckett apart only as long as it makes sense, and then he has plans for them as a couple. Getting back on topic, though: A friend and I used to be Bones fans and then finally quit around the same time, after the finale (Season 5, maybe? I started watching Bones for Boreanaz, and yes, I know he's a hound, but I loved Angel and like the men he plays on screen. Every time she opens her mouth and is all, "I'm effin' brilliant and you all are beneath me" I want to smack her upside the head with a blunt object.

Most of the time, it’s been so well done that it harkened back to the days when was great (except with smarter dialogue and better plots!

) I loved how the writers built their relationship on mutual respect and trust, with enough differences where they complement each other as well as grow frustrated at times.

There’s always the problem in Hollywood that they think when they get two characters together for good that the show slides. LOL -- I thought that was hilarious, but it wasn't her shining moment, that's for certain!

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