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This is an essential service that reinforces privacy and avoids harassment from unknown members.Book of Matches has also a set up forum where you will be free to choose the topics you want to discuss.

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The best profiles are hot and of course, the interface is user friendly and offers easy navigation.

You will have each and every feature for online dating.

There is no need to grab your credit card since there’s no payment for creating your profile or updating membership.

The environment at the online dating network is friendly and it is for sure that you will not get bored.

So you have an opportunity to begin chatting with the potential match practically at once. Book Of Matches offers to pass a psychological test and find out what kind of person you are, what kind of person your match should be and many other interesting and useful information, which you may successfully use both in the Internet and in the real life. There is an opportunity to use the system as a social network, leaving the messages and comments on the user’s walls and communicate on different topics. The operation is simple; you will not meet any difficulties.

The possibility of using the application on the phone is an additional plus to Book Of Matches.Instant messaging is also offered through its chat rooms.Its chat rooms are the most visited and used application.These will comprise of an advanced emailing system.As such it offers you the possibility to send and receive mails, delete them but the most exclusive element is that you are able to put restrictions and filter the emails that you are sent.The review of Book Of Matches shows, that this recourse can be a rather good place to meet the person you will like and make an appointment for the meeting in real life.

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