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Recovery under homeowner’s forms is limited to loss due directly to the occurrence of an insured peril.

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However, since the actual cash value of the loss is $8,000, this is the amount of the recovery.

Recovery under homeowner’s forms is also limited if more than one policy applies to the loss.

If the insured could cause the loss, the element of randomness and predictability would be destroyed.4.

There must be some way to determine whether a loss has occurred and how great that loss is.

The actual cash value of the loss is $8,000 ($10,000 minus 20 percent depreciation).

The operation of the coinsurance clause would limit recovery to of the loss, or ,500.

For example, if a flood or a landslide, which usually are excluded perils, severely damages a house that subsequently is destroyed by fire, the homeowner’s recovery from the fire is limited to the value of the house already damaged by the flood or landslide.actual cash value (ACV).

Under the former, the owner suffers no reduction in loss recovery due to depreciation of the property from its original value.

From a theoretical standpoint, it is possible to eliminate all pure risk if an infinitely large group is selected.

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