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They dealt not with the talking puppies but their unenhanced father Buddy, gifted in various athletic ways.

To me, the most curious and interesting thing about the popular Buddies phenomena is that it's inspired Disney to revisit the movie line from which it spun.

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There are inserts promoting Disney Blu-ray and Disney Movie Rewards (the latter containing a unique points code), but of course no chapter lists.

The bag, which peeks through a plastic corner window, contains a piece of stiff cardboard for support.

All is held in a fully-enclosed cardboard box that's slightly thicker than a standard DVD slipcover.

The DVD itself is housed in a clear plastic slim case that repeats the outside artwork (and does nothing with the visible reverse side).

And over 20 million copies of Air Bud and Buddies movies have been purchased to date.

The Air Bud movies, of course, are a different beast.Kevin Zegers (Josh Framm), Caitlin Wachs (Andrea Framm), Brittany Paige Bouck (Emma Putter), Martin Ferrero (Snerbert), Miguel Sandoval (Coach Montoya), Duncan Regehr (Geoffrey Putter), Don Mc Millan (Will Webster III), Dale Midkiff (Patrick Sullivan), Brandi Chastain (Herself), Briana Scurry (Herself), Tisha Venturini (Herself), Chilton Crane (Jackie Framm), Shayne Solberg (Tom), Chantal Strand (Tammy), Fred Keating (Coach Jack Sterns), Patricia Idlette (Mrs.Brimstone), Scott Watson (Announcer Brad), Kelly Herron (Announcer Ted), Shane Vajda (Moose), Levi James (Sam Drake), Jeremy Guilbaut (Steve Stearns), Chris Wilding (Mike), Jay Brazeau (Referee #1), Frank C.Air Bud: World Pup, the second sequel to the 1997 sleeper hit, moved the family franchise to the world of video premieres when it went straight to VHS and DVD back in December of 2000.Fearless of repeating himself, Kevin Zegers, the child actor who starred in the first two films (as well as Keystone's 2000 hockey chimp film MVP: Most Valuable Primate), is back as Buddy's owner Josh Framm.(Take note, Marmaduke.) That has been the story of Disney's Buddies franchise, the direct-to-video series that began with 2006's Air Buddies and will soon sprout a fifth installment.

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