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During both these trips, they focused extensively on a singular mission: finding the right schools for their children.

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One day you will give back to others, but for now it's your turn to accept all the help you can get.

From learning which products to buy in the grocery store to finding out the best way to clean Israeli stone floors, reach out to your neighbors, taxi drivers, and store owners. The popular Hebrew saying, loosely translated, goes: "A near neighbor is better than a distant brother." It couldn't be truer.

The lifestyle here is completely different from that abroad, and therein lies the appeal.

To ensure aliyah success, make sure you keep a good attitude and take time to enjoy the life here.

He cautions against regarding the move to Israel as a "cure-all" or as a "flip of the switch" which will automatically change a person's life. He offers a good suggestion to avoid this pitfall: Make a detailed list of all the reasons why you're making aliyah (moving up to Israel) before coming.

Then, if things get tough, pull out the list and re-focus on the real reasons you came to live in the Holy Land. Keep the Kids Happy When the Saar family began thinking of making aliyah, they took two pilot trips before making the final move.

Day-school tuition is the oft-cited biggest financial savings.

Health insurance, too, can be cheaper in Israel, along with other services.

Bear in mind that Israeli culture, religious views and spectrums, and even ways of dress can be completely different from those abroad.

It's worth spending significant time deciding where your family wants to find a niche in all these areas, and then work on transitioning into that chosen lifestyle. Keep the Connection Alive One of the most difficult challenges new immigrants encounter is the loneliness of leaving loved ones behind.

Keeping up with family and friends is critical for a successful aliyah.

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