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Upon his death in 1662, he left his son Isaac a “new house and 56 acres.” The main house is one bay deep, and a two-story leanto extends to the rear.

One of the two oldest houses in Andover MA, the Benjamin Abbot House has been lived in since it was built.

The present modern kitchen probably occupies what was once the original chimney bay.

This is believed to be the oldest First Period home still standing in Andover today.

While such an ancient origin is not indicated by an examination of the exterior, deed records substantiate the local tradition.

In 1650 a Steven Flanders was “admitted a townman on the condition that he “constantly keep the town herd of cows.” The original ownership of the house is unknown, but by 1854 it was owned by A.

About 1750 there was a one room, two story addition of a reused frame.

To its north was added a larger two story central chimney house, (c.1790-1800).Black and White images are from the MACRIS site, and link to that database.Color images are from Wikipedia, assessor’s online databases for each town (Patriot Properties & Vision), Google maps searches, real estate sites, preservation organizations, and by the author of this blog, Gordon Harris (Ipswich town historian).The Ferry District was one of Amesbury’s earliest settlements, dating from the 17th century.The house bears a plaque reading, Theophilus Foot, 1692, while another source refers to the house as the Blaisdell-Woodman house.By Abbott Lowell Cummings, 1979 Abbott Lowell Cummings was Executive Director of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (aka Historic New England) and a member of the faculty at Antioch College, Boston University, and Yale University.

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