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Aiden died trying to help Scott Mc Call save Stiles Stilinski in The Divine Move.EDITOR'S NOTE: Because it is an FAQ, in The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Ethan says he and his brother were "the omegas" of their pack.Charlie Carver — best known around our parts for his role as Ethan on "Teen Wolf" — came out to his more than 700,000 Instagram followers yesterday.

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(Read More...) Ethan sits with Danny on a road trip with the Cross Country team after the big battle between The Alpha Pack and Scott and Derek's Pack. He later helps Kali get treatment for Ennis from Dr. The pair make out until Ethan begins to hallucinate and leaves to try to kill himself. In the morning, he tells Scott that Derek is still alive.

He blames him for the death of Ennis and says either he must join their pack, or be hunted down by Kali.

Ethan reveals the Twins' backstory to Scott and Stiles: they were the Omegas of a pack, always the last to eat and the first to be abused, until Deucalion found them.

He showed them how to control their power of merging together, allowing them to eliminate their whole pack and becoming Alphas by killing their own.

(Read More...) Ethan and Aiden attack Isaac, then frame him for attacking them.

After Scott and Isaac mess with their motorcycles, the twins merge into one to take on both boys. He punishes them by slicing both of them across the cheek. (Read More...) Ethan rooms with Danny during the team trip.

While they survived as individuals, their Alpha status was lost.

Ethan is homosexual and was dating Danny, while Aiden was, prior to his death, romantically involved with Lydia Martin.

This is not to say they were "Omegas" just that they were abused and mistreated. The twins attempt to capture Isaac Lahey and a mysterious girl (Braeden).

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