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All that’s known for sure is that he started as he meant to go on: kicking, screaming and bald. Jason’s mock-auctioneer dad Barry also fancied himself as a lounge singer, and the young Stath found himself roped into the family band: Barry sang, Jason’s elder brother Lee played guitar while ‘lil Jason battered the drums. While on a family holiday, Statham spotted a guy doing a high dive and decided he fancied a crack.He started training everyday, becoming one of the British team’s top divers and competed around the world at the Commonwealth Games, several Olympic trials and placing an impressive 12th at the World Championships.The easiest and farthest reaching modern technology prank is practically glues to the palm of your hand.

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Apparently, earlier Friday, Gmail had a feature called "Mic Drop" that would let users eject themselves from email threads.

It seems like it was being used pretty disastrously, though.

When his mom asks what he has to say, he replies ‘nothing’.‘I should whoop your butt for this!

’ she tells him, before mentioning the ‘roasting’ episode again.

Perhaps, on the highest plane of existence there sits a being whose entire delight rests in trolling humanity.

Perhaps all of existence, including time itself, is simply a giant construct designed to infuriate its participants. There are new ways to trick people and the same old jokes won't work.Top pranksters know they need to keep up with the times to stay relevant, but not everyone has the time or money to turn an entire house into a ball pit.We wonder what other Chatroulette pranks have been pulled. Whether you're after sweet revenge, a fresh online battle or just a little harmless mischief, Facebook is a fertile ground for pranking.Her son Jemyrin, who appears to be about 12 years old, was left looking down at the ground, terrified, as she claimed she had a report card with his bad grades in her hands. ' she asks as she shows Jemyrin the fake report card.

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