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Is there anything published on reformulating quantum field theory Green's function propagaors in terms of wavelet transforms rather than rigid windowed Fourier transforms?

Are the renormalization group theorists using a kind of wavelet transform without knowing it?

is the displacement of the "window" and the shape of the displaced ellipse is the distortion of the window away from the "Gaussian circle" I suppose. This is exactly the continuous wavelet transform, and was proposed by Aslaksen and Klauder as early as 1969 (JMP vol. This representation provides another formulation of usual quantum mechanics, see also T. All I know is that the commutation relation for quantum observables in the affine coherent states representation is not the canonical one [Q, P]=i, but the 'affine' one [Q, P]=i Q or something like that. I actually was aware of the old Klauder work many years ago before there were "wavelets" in the modern sense of the word.

Klauder (the same as above) is following up on this apparently interesting fact to reformulate quantum gravity, as I could gather from his recent preprints (you can google his name). Jack Sarfatti ([email protected]) Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 pm Post subject: Wavelets in Quantum Field Theory?

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