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As a commentary on how humans can be more wicked than demons, it’s pretty cliche, but as an excuse for a banquet scene with a Persian theme, it’s magnificent, harking back to the novel’s exotic Silk Road background.

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Even the supporting role are more vividly rendered here than in the prequel.

Comedian Xiao hogs all the funniest lines but also puts an adult spin on Bajie’s image, accentuating his sleazebag side and blithely chatting up the femme demons who want to turn him into schnitzel.

Resembling a Smurf who goes to the gym a lot, Wujing is little more than a brawny simpleton, but at least Law makes him winningly good-natured.

Tech credits demonstrate the astonishing progress that Chinese productions have made in a brief period of time.

Spin the Bottle is bringing the naughty teenage party classic to your smartphone.

And the app, which has the slogan "meet people not profiles" has got the potential to be the next Tinder.Mainland Chinese families are sure to go bananas over this Lunar New Year offering; it’s almost certain to surpass its predecessor, which broke China’s opening-day records.One of the many screen adaptations of Wu Cheng’en’s 16th-century novel “Journey to the West” (last year alone brought us the web-TV remake “Surprise” and the animated “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”) “The Monkey King in 3D” (2014) felt like a prequel rather than the real thing, dealing as it did with the genesis of Sun Wukong, aka Monkey, and culminating in his epic vandalism of heaven.She disguises herself as an old crone to wait for her prey in a house in the forest, the sort only princesses on the run from evil stepmothers are irrational enough to enter.Lady White Bone is infamous for her powers of dissembling, and the script expands on the chapter’s skeletal plot in which she disguises herself as a girl, her mother and her father.But there's an opportunity to unlock bonus features, like "flicking" certain people out of the roulette wheel, or adding on some extra time for your first video date.

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