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While that may seem a tad alarmist, the concern isn't totally unwarranted.

The most recent data from the National Jewish Population Survey (2000-2001) showed that 47 percent of Jews who married after 1996 chose a non-Jewish spouse, which is a 13 percent increase from 1970.

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There are plenty of Jewish men (and women) who are sick of being held to the rich, Ivy-educated stereotype." Others thought the tradition of Jews only dating Jews was outdated.

However, more than one person expressed a "Stop stealing our women/men" sentiment.

Schechtman also pointed out that if you do decide to join, there's a religion section in your profile which includes the options "willing to convert," "not willing to convert" or "not sure if I'm willing to convert."As to whether you should join, however: That's trickier.

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