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You’ll also hear the characters speaking the protagonist’s real name through the voice acting, so I would personally recommend against changing your name to anything other than the canonical ‘Tomoya Okazaki’.As for reaching these good endings, this is where the game loses points for me.Key are often credited as the company who set the standard for this genre of visual novels, and continue to be regarded by many as one of the best visual novel developers in the world.

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To access it, you essentially have to read through every single character route, and then After Story will become accessible from the main menu.

It’s easy for those hearing about it to dismiss it as a bonus for the dedicated completionists, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the real value to be found in ’s story comes from After Story.

Before we jump too far ahead, a visual novel is a ‘game’ (or perhaps interactive software) which consists of reading through text accompanied by visuals and sound.

The only sort of ‘gameplay’ you’ll find is in the ability to make choices which affect the course that the story will take. ‘crying game’) to describe a sub-genre of visual novels which primarily focus on reaching the reader on an emotional level, and often causing them to cry by the end.

Some are fans of the game who have played it previously and wish to know how this new port stands up.

Some are fans of the anime, may be new to visual novels, and want to know what to expect.

To do this, I’ll be looking at a few different areas and how fairs in each of them.

We’ll start by providing some background on the release, then talk about how it functions mechanically as a game and more specifically a visual novel, a brief introduction to and my thoughts on the story, and a look at the audiovisual quality of the game. And if you do end up picking up was originally released 11 years ago in 2004 as the third in developer Key’s line of nakige visual novels.

However, until very recently, none of these titles have seen any chance of an official English release.

Until now, the only way you could experience anime adaptation.

Or another point where to enter Tomoyo’s route, you need to have interacted with another character just enough to stay on Tomoyo’s route so said character can help you out of a difficult situation on the way to Tomoyo’s good ending.

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