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See information on: • CPU: Architecture, CPU Core, Frequencies, Processor model clock speed fo…Patch for Django-1.6.1 that allows you to use Postgres's array_accum function. You can use the class directly or load the preferences from files.There is a way to download, Customize and share gifs from any website to any social network.

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kode Weave is a realtime coding playground for HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Similar to JSFiddle and JSBin, but kode Weave was made specifically to work not just for mobile devices, but also to work offline as well.

Py Contracts is a Python package that allows to declare constraints on function parameters and return values.

Contracts can be specified using Python3 annotations, in a decorator, or inside a docstring :type: and :rtype: tags.

Py Contracts supports a basic type system, variables binding, arithmetic constraints, and has several specialized contracts (notably for Numpy arrays), as well as an extension API.

Pydee development environment and its Py Qt4-based IDE tools: interactive Python shell, Python code editor, workspace (dict/list/string/array editor), doc viewer, history log, environment variables editor, ...[py Free Surfer] This package provides common scripts: * pyfreesurfer_reconall: Free Surfer cortical and subcortical segmentation.The main reason I wrote it was to create an easy way of storing more than one preference with the same name and load them form files in a manner that allows for easy appending or replacing of parmeters that could have been loaded from a default prameter file.There are also several methods to make managing the preferences easier.Launched in May 2014, World FZO has headquarters in Dubai and aims to bring together free zones from different parts of the world and create a common platform for achieving collective object… You must bounce off the platforms and avoid falling down.Be careful of the spikes on constantly changing platforms.If you've ever used jsfiddle, jsbin, dabblet, liveweave, codepen, cssdeck, cssdesk, tinkerbin, d3 playground, plunker and/or pastebin kode Weave is the tool for you when you're away from a computer!

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