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There are two notable structural characteristics of the human retina.The first is the fovea, a highly condensed area of photoreceptor cells located in the center of the retina.The cell density here is several times greater than on the periphery, explaining why when we look directly at something it is a lot clearer than looking at it through the corner of our eye.

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You can (were you so motivated) buy infrared sensitive film that photographs light below what we can see, but above what most people call “heat” (the light radiated by warm, but not glowing-hot, objects).

In fact, most “science pictures” you see: anything with stars, galaxies, individual cells, etc. That is, the cameras detect a form of light that we can’t see (e.g., radiowaves), and then “translate” them into a form we can see. If they didn’t, then radio astronomy would be stunningly pointless.

The coloring of the rainbow is nothing more than a shared (reliable, consistent, and kick-ass) illusion.

The lack of objective colorness is a real pain for the science of photography.

However, that doesn’t mean that the light itself When a photon (light particle) strikes the back of the eye, whether or not it’s detected depends on what kind of cell it hits and on the wavelength of the light.

We have three kinds of cells, which is pretty good for a mammal, each of which has a different probability of detecting light at various wavelengths.

The second notable structural characteristic in the retina is our blind spot.

This is where the optic fiber connects up to the back of the retina to get visual information, precluding the existence of photoreceptors in a small spot.

One of the consequences of this is that we don’t perceive a “true” spectrum.

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