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USDA home loans, too, come with a monthly fee, typically monthly per 0,000 in loan amount. But owners don't want to pay the fees for life if they have enough equity to cancel these payments.A conventional refinance exchanges an FHA or USDA loan for a conventional one, thereby eliminating associated monthly fees.The maximum number of units for a conventional loan is four. For example, a one-unit home in Los Angeles, California can be financed up to 6,150 with a conventional mortgage, and a 2-unit home in Virginia Beach, Virginia is allowed a loan up to 7,400. No appraisal is required for these programs, and, often, income and asset documentation requirements are waived.

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For property investors, this is an excellent way to remove equity from existing properties to purchase additional ones.

Verify your new rate (Jan 12th, 2018) Many first-time home buyers choose a government-backed mortgage to get into their first home. Government-sponsored programs are flexible on credit scores and down payments. FHA loans include a monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP) of $71 per month per $100,000 borrowed.

For instance, a nurse has been on the job for more than two years.

The lender may only need to call the applicant's employer to verify continued employment.

HARP refinances require you to have an existing Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan.

But a standard conventional refinance can replace any loan type: In addition, mechanic's liens, tax liens, and judgments on your title can be paid off with a conventional loan.

The rule eliminates that waiting period, as long as these requirements are met: The buyer must prove the home sale actually occurred and that no loan was taken on the home. Loan limits are higher for conventional refinance loans in 2017. Verify your new rate (Jan 12th, 2018) Many homeowners ask if there is a conventional streamline refinance.

The standard loan limits are based on the number of units in the home. Streamline refinances are popular choices for FHA and VA loans.

And, with 20% or more equity, you pay no mortgage insurance on the new conventional loan.

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