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After a few more minutes, she begins to hop frantically up and down and starts yelling "Daddy! They both rest for a couple of minutes, then Amber pushes herself upright and says "Jesus Christ, that was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life." Amber leans forward to give her Father a quick kiss, then sits up straight and runs her fingers through her hair because it is all messed up. " My daughter immediately looks over at me and says "Mom!

" I sit down in the chair next to them and say "It is okay with me. I think that your father should be the first one to have his cock inside your virgin pussy!

Continue with what you are doing." Amber says "Mom! " My husband looks at me with shock in his eyes for a second, then, immediately pulls the towel away from Ambers body and begins to suck on her hard nipples.

When I reach the bottom of the steps, I am shocked by what I see!

My husband and my daughter Amber are sitting on the couch kissing while she is jacking his cock up and down!

She feels pressure in the right place and lets go of him. " I really want to get this on video today, so I give her instructions by saying "Honey, just take your time and lower yourself down very slowly! " I lean forward to give her a quick kiss, but she grabs the back of my head and sticks her tongue in my mouth!

I move over and sit on the floor just in front of them so I can get closeup pictures of my husbands cock sliding inside her pussy. " Amber relaxes and slowly drops down further and further on her Fathers cock. We continue kissing for a couple of minutes, then I sit back down and continue to take video of this memorable moment. Stop for a second so you can feel me ejaculate inside you! " I reply to her "Amber, this was just supposed to be a one time learning experience for you.

" I quickly jump to my feet and run upstairs to my bedroom to get the camera.

Within a few seconds I return to the living room and see Amber is lying on her back on the soft carpet. This is the first time I have ever had a cock inside me!

Amber says "Mom, go upstairs and get the video camera!

I want you to take pictures of Daddy fucking me the first time on the floor of the living room!

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