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It aims to increase grass-roots international exchanges, inform citizens on international cooperation efforts to promote better public awareness, and offers training seminars for individuals aspiring to work in fields related to internationalization.

These type of efforts help contribute to the development of better living and working environments that are hospitable to residents of all nationalities.

° See Date of birth and/or death (9.19.13) and Period of activity ( for additional instructions on recording dates as parts of authorized access points Exceptions: ° Title of nobility: Add a title of nobility only if the title or part of the title commonly appears with the name in resources associated with the person or in reference sources.

° Disregard reference sources dealing with the nobility. ° Saint: Do not add Saint to an access point representing a pope or an emperor, empress, king, or queen. ° Date of birth may also include the month and day of the person's birth. ° Date of death may also include the month and day of the person's death.

The most common instances occur when the preferred name contains initials and the spelled out form is known.

Less common instances occur when known given names, surnames, or initials are not chosen as part of the preferred name.

° See RDA (Titles of royalty), (Titles of nobility), and for religious titles.

Record titles as separate elements, as parts of access points, or as both.Date associated with the person (9.3) | Title of the person (9.4) | Fuller form of name (9.5) | Other designation (9.6) | Gender (9.7) | Place of birth, death, country, and residence; address (9.8-9.12) | Affiliation (9.13) | Language (9.14) | Field of activity (9.15) | Profession or occupation (9.16) | Biographical information (9.17) | Identifier for the person (9.18) Record dates associated with persons, applying these instructions, as applicable: ° date of birth (9.3.2) ° date of death (9.3.3) ° period of activity (9.3.4) Record a date associated with a person by giving the year or years in terms of the calendar preferred by the agency creating the data.° : Record dates in terms of the Gregorian calendar.Presently, Osaka Port has affiliations with seven sister ports abroad.To exhibit international goodwill and prosperous relations, Osaka Port is striving to carry out various exchange projects with its affiliated ports. This office is actively involved with information gathering and distribution, and also concentrates on strengthening exchanges in the economic, cultural and tourism fields.Through the broad international network of many sister / friendship cities, friendship cooperation cities, business partner cities and other international affiliations,we aim to promote various exchanges in culture, sports, human resources and economic fields.

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