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offers a simple object model that exposes connections upon which to execute and return record sets and field values.

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This is accomplished by updating a logical field in the PROJECT table called scope_level.

The higher the scope_level value, the more detail is loaded.

The Primavera SDK does not, however, support more than one connection to a Primavera SDK data source on any given client machine.

A client program using the Primavera SDK driver participates in the same concurrency mechanism as other Project Management client programs.

ODBC is based on SQL as a standard for accessing data.

This interface provides maximum interoperability: a single application can access different SQL Database Management Systems (DBMS) through a common set of code.Other applications are notified of changes made via the Primavera SDK driver, and the Primavera SDK is able to detect when changes are made to the underlying data by other applications.The mechanism for updating the client's view of the new data via Primavera SDK is invoked via ODBC by a stored procedure called stored procedure can be invoked at any time during the life of an active Primavera SDK connection.The SDK installation adds an ODBC driver named Primavera SDK to the system.The setup process also prompts the user to create a database alias and creates a System DSN to access the SDK. If you need to add an additional Primavera SDK data source, you simply click the Add button in the dialog box above and select the Primavera Software Development Kit as the driver for your data source.A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos TM1 10.2.2.

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