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The cover was easy since we were all sitting there listening to Scott Poulson-Bryant (Dr.Bryant now), a brilliant writer who also gave VIBE its name, spoke lucidly and clearly about an A&R Executive who was setting the entire music game on fire working at Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records.Que: [laughs] I don’t think I even got anything for Valentine’s Day. Like, my past girlfriends I usually buy them gifts. Singersroom: What’s the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever gotten? Que and I haven’t had the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day together…

With unimaginable highs, like the platinum success of artists like Brooklyn’s The Notorious B. G., R&B trio Total and introducing the masses to Harlem World’s Ma$e, Combs would face the unfortunate battle of coasts with Death Row Records, the soul crushing death of The Notorious B. G and himself looking at serious jail time at one point. Not only surviving but thriving in an entertainment world that hunts you down to throw you out, he’s prospered in areas previously closed to young black executives.

Defining eras from the early 90s to now, he’s stumbled and rebounded with stints in acting on Broadway and entering Hollywood’s silver screens to snatching prestigious awards in the fashion world with his Sean John clothing line.

The couple shared with us their Valentine’s cheesiest stories, best gifts and dream dates.

Singersroom: What was the cheesiest, corniest Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever gotten?

All was good, we were hot, and the young genius known as Puff Daddy was in our first issue.

Then a confluence of tragedy and internal management struggles with the mogul Harrell led to Combs’ ouster from Uptown Records.

Dawn: The weirdest and I think it told where my relationship was gonna go, was when I was in high school my first love broke into my locker–he had the master key–and like, put all kind of candy and chocolates in it.

When I got in, I was like, “How do you have the combination to my locker? My dad has always – with my mother and I – given us a teddy bear and some candy and treated us so sweet for Valentine’s day. Que: The ideal Valentine’s date would be a romantic dinner, candles lit, a bubble bath, a nice dinner of seafood–the lobster and the big shrimp.

[Shannon] I know you wanna come over You can come over [Shannon] (Dawn) Baby I'm alone tonight And I wanna feel alright You already know what I like, boy (If you come over) [Aubrey] (Dawn) I will lay it down so right It will really blow your mind Baby just relax your mind You know (Whenever you come over) [D.

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