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My second marriage, to another property magnate, lasted 14 years and produced another daughter, Lauren, now 28. At first the experience was daunting; I was frightened at the thought of being out there, especially as the competition was 20 years younger than me.

I've lived most of my life in London and have always enjoyed a fruitful career, working as an antiques dealer and interior designer, which made me financially independent.

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It can be a jungle out there, but for me, giving up is simply not an option.

I'm still looking for love as much as I did when I was a teenager.

I'm looking for a handsome, charming, erudite and wealthy man who takes care of his body.

But I haven't met him so far and always seem to prefer men half my age.

As Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall looks for a toyboy, glamorous grandmother Wendy Salisbury describes the rollercoaster of dating in your fifites.

Here, she tells us about her successes and failures - and why she likes to date younger men I've dated an interesting mix of men.One of my first dates after the divorce was one of these dinner-party matches.He was a few years older and a respectable divorcé.Up until about four months ago, I’d been single for a little over three years. At first, I very much wanted to be single, but once that passed, I just couldn’t find the right person. I want someone who has developed a very specific voice for their dog that adequately represents their personality. All of them were around my age, maybe a year or two older, but none of them stuck. Someone who is emotionally intelligent and compassionate. I want to be with the type of man who stands up for a pregnant woman on the bus, and doesn't yell things out of car windows.I never had a chance to date many men when I was young - so I feel like I'm living my life back to front.

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