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The Castle is chiefly remembered, in modern times, as the scene of the Eglinton Tournament in 1839, which was a magnificent display.

Funded and organized by Archibald Montgomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton, the revival-medieval tournament, attracted thousands of visitors to see the combatants and the ladies in their finery.

Among the guests was the future Emperor of the French—Napoleon III.

Experience perfect island life, which is full of tasty food and drink, exciting outdoor activities and beautiful views.

This is the region that gave us our National Bard, Robert Burns.

Explore the great Burns attractions, take a wander around an ancient castle, or learn about the Vikings who once set foot on these very shores.

Both Ayrshire and Arran produce a range of tasty treats that you won't want to miss.

Explore this intricate instrument and more in the exciting new e Book!

It is on the River Garnock, north of Irvine, about 21 miles (34 km) south of Glasgow. The Celtic Christians or Culdees of the period of St Columba and St Mungo found here, in this part of Scotland, a fertile field for the propagation of the faith.

There existed in this period corporations or fraternities of masons, endowed with certain privileges and immunities, capable of erecting religious structures in the Gothic style.

for the purpose of building the Abbey at Kilwinning and to have founded there the first regularly constituted Operative Lodge in Scotland.

In 1966, Kilwinning fell within the area designated Irvine New Town.

Kilwinning rapidly expanded with new estates built on surrounding farm land to meet the planned increase in population.

Clancy argued that, in fact, Saint Ninian and Saint Finnian were the same person, the difference being attributed to an error on the part of a medieval scribe.

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