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I spoke to the very funny Kirsten Rosenberg from the Iron Maidens – the world’s only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band – the other day. Driving all the way to Norwich to perform for to an audience of about fifteen people. I used to write comedy sketches with my schoolmates when I was 14/15.

She told me the band face problems their heavy metal heroes never encounter, the most unsettling one being drunken male fans who ask them to autograph their dicks. Turned out the promoter’s idea of plugging the gig was to stick an A4-sized poster on the inside wall of the pub we were playing. Universal Credit is a scandal – expecting people to wait six weeks for any help once they’ve been made redundant through no fault of their own. We put them together in a magazine form we called Pink Tent and I carried some of that on when I wrote a punk fanzine in 77.

I have been putting it off for nearly two years, but I’m determined to launch my one-man show next year before what’s left of my grey matter dissolves completely. Articulate and passionate, the plain-speaking fellow laid into Labour’s useless Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey over the party’s Brexit treachery saying she was worse than Tory “rebel” Nicky Morgan. It didn’t say turn over to question two, do you want the hard-Brexit or the soft-Brexit.” Here, here. The Vichy wings of both main parties, and their media class Remoaner buddies, think we’re too dumb to see that their “soft-Brexit” is no Brexit at all.

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Our operational capabilities are already stretched to the limits. Antoine Dominique “Fats” Domino Junior – who has died aged 89.

Military experts say the Army is now 20 years out of date, while the Royal Navy and the RAF are starved of funding. The legendary rhythm-and-blues singer had dozens of hits in the ’50s and early ’60s, including ‘Blueberry Hill’, ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ and ‘I’m Walkin’’ selling an incredible 65 million singles.

Encore: ‘Buy Me A Drink You Bastards’ and ‘Alconaut’.

Our US musicians convinced us to include ‘British Steel’ and I introduced the song most nights by reminding the audiences that Britain was the rock that stopped continental fascism before they and Uncle Joe got involved, adding: “F*** fascism before it f***s you”.

I told her what was wrong, she nodded her head thoughtfully and the session began. It was at this point my suspicions that she might not have been fully medically trained were confirmed because it turned out that she’d decide to soak the towels in boiling hot water before applying them to the affected area. Back in the day, I daresay we would have been powered by little white lines but these health conscious times we relied on Oxylent vitamins to keep us going... Huge thanks to film-maker Sandie West who flew us over, and the great bands we shared stages with including Rat City Riot, Doug & The Slugz, Bad Ass, Matamoska & Corrupted Youth; plus Raine, Dylan and Leanne.

The massage wasn’t great, but we had a friendly chat and everything seemed above board. ” I explained for the third time that I’d come in solely for my back and shoulder and that I was in quite a bit of pain. “Ah okay, I know what to do,” she said, adding “But you will come back when you are better, yes? Extra special thanks to my old friend Christine Peake, the former glamour legend from Bury who has reinvented herself as a mighty media mover and shaker in LA, and a woman who has always been, as the Soul Brothers Six sang, some kind of wonderful.

If and when we bring Street Sounds magazine out of hibernation, we’ll definitely commission a round-up of that vibrant and exciting scene.

For Gonads fans, the set we played was ‘Lager Top’, ‘Jobs Not Jails’, ‘Punk Rock Will Never Die’, ‘Grant Mitchell’, ‘I Lost My Love To A UK Sub’, ‘Oi Mate’, ‘British Steel’, ‘Beano’, ‘Charlton Boys’, ‘Tucker’s Ruckers’, ‘Punk Rock Till I Die’/‘Joys Of Oi’.

(I feel exactly the same about Stalinism, of course.

Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it.) Clyde Ward and I had the time of our lives.

When I politely declined, the Italian beauty became quite indignant. I was also intrigued to discover great Mexican Ska bands like Mojiganga, Skalariak, Mama Pulpa and La Coyota.

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