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:-) Many items are out of print or at least hard to find now, but things are often sold on the e Bay auction site (search under "Labyrinth").

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Labyrinth family activity book: A high quality 48 page book with 16 pages of color photos.

Each page contains a puzzle or something to do before you progress to the next page.

Labyrinth dolls: These are quality stuffed animals of characters from the movie.

I have three: Sir Didymus, which although lacking Ambrosius or his staff does have a nice hat and eye patch; Ludo, cute and huggable as always; and a Firey, with you can pull apart because his head, arms, and legs are attached with velcro!

Labyrinth sheet music: Has music for Magic Dance, Sarah, Chilly Down, Hallucination, As The World Falls Down, Within You, Home At Last, Thirteen O'Clock, and Underground (i.e.

all 12 songs from the soundtrack except Opening Titles, Into The Labyrinth, and The Goblin Battle).

The non-sticker pages contain a puzzle or something to color or decorate.

This is similar to and made by the same publisher as the Labyrinth family activity book.

It should go without saying that my favorite movie is of course Labyrinth, which I first saw on November 29, 1986 when I was 15 years old, and have seen at least 50 times since.

My favorite actress is Jennifer Connelly, who starred in it. A selection of transcripts for the movie I've put together: Labyrinth movie transcript: This file contains a complete transcript of the movie, specifically of the closed caption dialog text displayed on the screen during its running.

Labyrinth Halloween costume: A costume (robe and mask) of a Firey, by Henson Associates and Collegeville Flag and Mfg. I have a second costume of Ludo, a third of Sir Didymus, and a fourth of Hoggle.

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