Dating girard perregaux movements

All else was the same, including the slim bezel, Valjoux 22 movement and 38mm case.

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Certain Type 20s have also been identified as being issued to French helicopter pilots.

The watches issued to the various services are distinguishable from each other only by the identification marks engraved on the casebacks.

The lots included two made for the CEV from 1956-7, among the rarest of all versions, with no more than 500-600 being produced of all variants.

Both CEVs were three sub-dial models, one with a “tropical” dial in chocolate brown, the other pristine black.

Both houses offered Type 20s for civilian purchase as well, so the story is a muddy one.

Strengthening the link, only the early Breguets and Mathey Tissots used 15-minute counters at 3 o’clock instead of the more usual 30-minute registers.

Mainly with two registers and two pushbuttons, these watches featured white numerals against black dials, a 60-second counter at 9 o’clock, a 30-minute counter at 3 and oversized hands on the latter sub-dial.

Most also featured fluted rotating bezels with a single marker to help indicate elapsed time.

A bit about nomenclature before proceeding: only Breguet uses Roman numerals to identify its versions, and yet the company never featured it on the dials.

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